Capabilities List for the Machine Shop:

  1. Turning Services:
    • Manual precision turning using the Sharp 26160B lathe to create cylindrical components with tight tolerances and smooth surface finishes.
    • Turning of various materials, including metals, plastics, and composites, for a wide range of industries and applications.
  2. Milling Services:
    • Manual milling using a Bridgeport vertical mill to produce precise, complex, and intricate shapes on workpieces.
  3. Honing Services:
    • Precision honing using the Sunnen Giant Hone to achieve exceptional bore geometry and surface finish on cylindrical parts.
    • Bore sizing, finishing, and correcting roundness, taper, and out-of-roundness for optimal part performance.
  4. Custom Machining:
    • Design and machining of custom parts, prototypes, and one-off components based on client specifications or drawings.
    • Collaboration with clients to provide tailored machining solutions for unique applications.
  5. Material Selection and Expertise:
    • Knowledgeable guidance on material selection, considering factors such as mechanical properties, compatibility, and cost-effectiveness.
    • Machining expertise in working with various materials, including steel, aluminum, brass, copper, plastics, and exotic alloys.
  6. Tooling and Fixturing:
    • In-house tooling and fixturing design and fabrication to ensure optimal workpiece stability, precision, and repeatability during machining processes.
  7. Quality Control:
    • Stringent quality control measures to verify the accuracy and adherence to specifications of machined parts.
    • Use of calibrated measuring instruments and inspection tools to maintain high-quality standards.
  8. Rapid Prototyping:
    • Fast turnaround for prototype development and iterative design improvement to accelerate product development cycles.
  9. Repair and Restoration:
    • Restoration and repair services for worn or damaged components, extending their life and functionality.
  10. Small to Large Batch Production:
    • Capacity to handle both small and large batch production runs efficiently and cost-effectively.
  11. Timely Delivery:
    • Commitment to meeting project deadlines and providing on-time delivery of machined parts.
  12. Continuous Improvement:
    • Ongoing efforts to enhance machining processes, adopt new technologies, and improve overall efficiency.

The combination of the Sharp 26160B lathe, Bridgeport vertical mill, and Sunnen Giant Hone in our machine shop empowers us to offer comprehensive machining solutions, catering to diverse customer needs across various industries. Our experienced team and advanced equipment enable us to deliver top-quality products and exceptional customer satisfaction with every project.